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How To Start Playing Mir4



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It seems like NFT games are all the rage these days. Even non-NFT games have started to incorporate cryptocurrencies and tokens into their game’s ecosystem. One of the most unique and addictive NFT games out there currently is Mir4. If you have the time, you might want to check this fantastic title out.

How To Start Playing Mir4

Mir4 is an MMORPG where you can choose from various classes, fight different monsters, and, most importantly – mine cryptocurrency. In the game, you can mine tokens called DRACO. Before you even think about earning money from the game, it is first necessary to start your journey in Mir4. Here is how you can get in on the action fast.

Starting Mir4

First, you need to go to Mir4’s website and download the game client from there, which does not take much space. You will need around 450MB to install the game entirely. However, upon launching the game, you will have to download a patch as well. As of this writing, there was a 5GB patch on startup. Unlike some NFT games, you cannot play Mir4 on your browser. However, the game is available on Android, iOS, Steam, Windows, and macOS.

The next part will direct you to create a game account. This is pretty straightforward as all you need is an email, an account name, and a password. With your account set up, you can finally start your journey in Mir4. Your journey begins with the creation of your character.


In terms of durability and pure damage, the Warrior class is best. Wielding a great sword, Warrior is considered to be the beginner class in Mir4. What the class has in pure power and durability, it lacks in mobility, but that will not matter when you are cutting enemies down.

If you want a straightforward class, you should go for the Warrior. You can take down enemies with an assortment of sword abilities allowing you to take down even the biggest foes. If you are looking for a more dynamic and complex class, you should probably avoid the Warrior.


The Sorcerer class is Mir4’s version of the wizard and mage class. It specializes in dealing heavy damage and AoE damage. However, the Sorcerer class is the weakest in terms of defense and HP. As such, playing this role often means you have to constantly get out of harm’s way and avoid enemies as they can take you out pretty quickly.

Despite their lack of defensive capabilities, the Sorcerer class is pretty self-reliant. The one drawback with this class is that they have long cooldowns for their abilities. However, the wait is often worth it as the skills this class has can take out swarms of enemies pretty quickly as well, so it’s a class that’s worth looking into.


The Taoist class is a mix between the Warrior and Sorcerer classes. To put it simply, it is a class that offers the best of both worlds. It is a melee class boasting both physical and magical abilities. The problem with the Taoist class is they are not as durable as the Warrior class, which is a problem considering they fight up close as well.

Many players consider the Taoist class as the most complex of them all. That should not be surprising as you will have to master mixing the class’s two types of abilities. It can be a rewarding practice, though, as the Taoist class specializes in controlling large groups of enemies while keeping themselves safe with abilities and buffs.


The Lancer is a melee class in Mir4, but as compared to the Taoist and the Warrior, this class enjoys a slight range advantage. It is not as durable as the Warrior or Taoist class, but Lancers are the most agile characters in the game. They are also the most complex characters because of their mobility, as you need to combine this with their abilities.

Due to their mobility and complexity, the Lancer class is one of the most terrifying when it comes to PVP. You can not simply avoid the Lancer as their various skills allow them to close in even from a distance. They also have skills that will help them get out of sticky situations too. It takes practice to master the Lancer, but that journey will be worth it.

This is how to start in Mir4. It is best to pick a class that suits your playstyle. Keep in mind each class has its advantages and disadvantages. We suggest trying out each class first before proceeding with the game, as there might be one that fits your needs and playstyle best.

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