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How To Earn Money From Gods Unchained



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Gods Unchained is one of the top NFT games on the market currently. Like most NFT games, there is a way to earn in Gods Unchained, but unlike those games, this one relies primarily on your drive to acquire new cards. Although it is free to start, getting ahead in Gods Unchained is quite tricky. However, making money is possible in the long run.

How To Earn Money From Gods Unchained

When it comes to NFT games, players are used to minting coins, which they can eventually sell for a profit. Things are a lot different in Gods Unchained, however. To earn, you will have to sell your cards in the marketplace. The better your cards, the better price it will be. Once you get a buyer, you can make a decent profit depending on what your cards are.

At the current market rate, some cards in Gods Unchained can sell for 0.000015 Ethereum, but some cards sell for hundreds. The good news is that you do not have to spend anything to generate new cards in the game. However, it will take a lot of work and effort to see substantial gains from Gods Unchained. Now, how can you make cards in the game?

How To Make Cards In Gods Unchained

Before you start thinking about earning money in the game, you will first have to think about increasing the number of cards you have. Luckily, you can do this without paying for anything!

You can earn around 22 core packs, two epic packs, and one legendary pack per 25 levels by playing matches even in regular modes. It takes approximately 90 minutes to increase your level in the game. Of course, you would have to win a majority of matches. There are weekend tournaments in the game where you will play 25 matches to reach a certain level. Join these as they can net some amazing rewards.

The higher tier – Mythic, will reward you with $175 worth of in-game assets. However, this is a tall order as it means winning 25 games in a row. Winning 20 games will earn you $85 in assets—the lower your rank, the lower the amount of assets you are rewarded with. Keep in mind the rewards are going to come in the form of card packs.

Once you have your cards, head to Ranked mode and begin playing matches. Winning in Ranked mode will award you with an in-game currency called Flux. This allows you to fuse cards into new cards.

Using Flux and a few core cards, you can create new cards that now have real-world value. These cards can be sold on the market, and the better the card, the higher the profit. Remember to price it reasonably so that you can earn more. Of course, you will need to have a lot of patience as it may take some time before people buy your cards from you.

There may be plans to give Gods Unchained an in-game economy that mints tokens, but for now, those plans remain unclear. Hopefully, the developers get to expand the ways to earn in the game as it holds much potential. However, it is already great you can earn simply by playing.

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