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How To Earn DRACO In Mir4



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Mir4 is a unique NFT game in the sense that it is an MMORPG. Although other upcoming NFT games venture into MMORPGs, Mir4 is one of the first ones. The fact that it is a popular series in Korea makes Mir4 something to consider. There are many plans for play-to-earn features in the game, but only one is available for now.

How To Earn DRACO In Mir4

The main currency in Mir4 is called DRACO. As of this writing, one DRACO in Mir4 is worth $0.002. Getting DRACO is a lengthy process in Mir4, but we have a guide to help you out. If you want to play and earn from Mir4 simultaneously, you should proceed with this quick guide for the game.

Earning DRACO In Mir4 Simplified

The earning mechanism in Mir4 is pretty straightforward. First, you have to mine an in-game currency called Darksteel. You do so by literally mining it in the game. Darksteel can then be exchanged for utility tokens through a process called smelting. You can get 1 DRACO per 100,000 Darksteel. To control the amount of Draco in circulation, the game increases the amount of Darksteel needed to get one DRACO the more players mine.

How To Begin Mining Darksteel

To begin mining Darksteel, your character will have to reach level 40. This can take a while. Some players report grinding heavily for at least a month before getting to this level. The best way to reach level 40 is by going through the game’s story mode. It is easier to get XP from quests rewards instead of simply fighting enemies.

Once you reach level 40, you can begin mining for Darksteel. The mining points for Darksteel are located inside dungeons. The best way to find these is by clicking the Auto-Mine button at the bottom of the screen. Your character will begin the mining process for you. It is worth noting you can also get Darksteel from quests as rewards.

Once you have 100,000 Darksteel, you will need to find an NPC named Metal Craftsman. You can ease up the process by going to Menu, then Market, then DRACO. Again, the amount of Darksteel you need will depend on the amount of Darksteel players have mined. The good news is you can quickly check this out inside the marketplace.

With your Darksteel converted to DRACO, you have to log in to your WEMIX account from the game. You cannot get the DRACO on a Metamask Wallet or other popular wallets currently. The good news is it is fairly easy to set up an account from the game itself.

Now, with your WEMIX wallet, you need to put a sell order for your DRACO to get WEMIX CREDIT. Swap your WEMIX CREDIT for a WEMIX Token. Transfer your WEMIX into a listed exchange. In this case, you can use Bithumb. From there, you can exchange your WEMIX to other cryptocurrencies very easily.

Earning in MIR4 is a bit complicated for now, considering the limited wallet compatibility. However, the future looks bright for the game, and there may be plans for incorporating more wallets in the future. For now, it is a wise idea to begin farming as much DRACO as you can.

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